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Quality Management

Ministry of Construction & Housing had directed Hamorabi State constructing Contracts Company to take the necessary procedures to apply and achieve the quality management system in readymade concrete girders & culverts factory which belongs to the company & in the related departments.


Definition of quality:-Is the degree which meet the total of requirement properties.
Quality according to Bister field definition is product characteristics that meet consumer expectations.


The continued improvement for quality management system according to Demingh concept
Readymade concrete girders & culverts factory

A precise work program have been adopting to qualify for a certificate of conformity with specification ISO 9001:2008 and this program is followed up by the quality department in the ministry and the company's senior management

What has been achieved in the field of application of the specification?

Through the work of Quality section’s staff in the company and assigning employees and senior management support, the following had been achieved:

- Prepare the quality policy

- Issuing the quality guide

- Issuing the procedures guide

- Issuing the job description guide

- Issuing the work instructions guide

Quality policy

Chairman and the members of management council keen for producing ready concrete products in the girders factory according to the consumer’s requires through the affective application of quality management system according to international standard specification’s requires (ISO 9001:2008) and according to nature of work in our company & the legal & the systematic requires in cooperating with all staff, and we don’t accept any Decline or slowdown whatever was the reasons and all of us will work as one team to achieve the requires and go forward for more improvement.

Procedures adopted in the dissemination of a culture of quality
In order to spread a culture of quality and dissemination of all employees was conducted the following:

- Hold training courses for the employees

- Distribution of a large number of educational posters in the field of quality in the girders factory and company’s departments.

- Promoting Quality section’s staff and communicate with all departments to overcome the obstacles facing implementation of the system

- Conducting internal audits that help improve performance and realize the system requirements


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